Oral Pathology

What is Oral Pathology? 

Oral pathology is a professional service that checks for abnormalities in soft tissue. The service may be necessary if it’s suspected that you have oral cancer or other intra-oral conditions. The soft tissue is tested in a professional laboratory and the findings will be used to determine the correct treatment. Oral pathology is highly beneficial to the patient in finding conditions before they are allowed to get worse. 

Why is Oral Pathology needed? 

This service is necessary when and if suspicious lesions or growths develop in and around the mouth. These lesions can be detected at your regular dental checkups and with the help of a biopsy, they can be checked for any abnormalities. Some signs to look for that would warrant a biopsy include: 
  • Red, swollen lesions within the mouth
    White plaque-like patches inside the mouth
  • Lumps or thickening of the skin in the mouth
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing food
  • Persistent sore throat or bad breath

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What makes you a good candidate for Oral Pathology? 

The benefits of oral pathology far outweigh any risks or problems involved. The biopsy done on suspicious areas within the mouth can help in detecting beginning stage problems. This makes treatment more likely to be successful and can do wonders for your overall health. Once examined, you will be given information on the findings of the biopsy and treatment options available to you. 

Oral Pathology

What can be expected during Oral Pathology? 

You will come into our office and be comfortably seated. We will take a small tissue sample of the area inside of the mouth that has been deemed suspicious. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will examine the tissue sample for various conditions. We will then provide you with information on what was found and treatment options available to you. Having a biopsy done on a suspicious lesion or patch of tissue is beneficial in that it helps us to find and begin treating intra-oral conditions when they first start. 

If you think you may need to make use of oral pathology and have questions about the procedure, call our office today and we’ll help in scheduling an appointment for you. 

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